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Antera 3D® in skin research

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The Antera 3D® is a versatile, accurate and practical instrument for carrying out claims support and efficacy studies in personal care and pharmaceutical companies as well as in contract research organizations and laboratories.


Research use benefits

  • Measures a wealth of relevant skin parameters

  • High standards of measurement accuracy and repeatability

  • High specificity in resolving melanin from hemoglobin

  • High image acquisition throughput

  • No lengthy training – intuitive software and easy-to-use camera

  • Fast and easy data analysis and reporting

  • Localized measurements on most body areas



  • Patented technology using spatial and spectral analysis by 24 LEDs of 7 different wavelengths

  • Reconstruction of skin texture by Shape from Shading

  • Real 3D reconstruction of the skin surface

  • Timeframe data and analysis with proprietary software

Follow Up Redness and Pigmentation with

Comparison of hemoglobin on the neck (above) and melanin of the forehead (below), highlighting an improvement of 35% and 38%, respectively.

Follow Up Wrinkles and Texture with Capt

Comparison of wrinkles on the cheek (above) and texture of the forehead (below), highlighting an improvement of 46% and 27%, respectively.


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