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Angiographic OCT – New Publication

This recent paper by Dr. Jill Waibel introduces the benefits of measuring vessel lengths and diameters in relation to their depth from VivoSight OCT angiographic scans when treating select skin lesions by laser. This allows the personalization and optimization of patient treatments based on objective data. We also see the detailed information on vasculature playing a big role in various skin research applications, such as in the development of topical drugs for skin microcirculation. The paper is titled “Angiographic optical coherence tomography imaging of hemangiomas and port wine birthmarks.” and available on Dr. Waibel (pictured on right) also uses her VivoSight OCT system at the Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute extensively clinically, especially to look at scars, their thickness, vascularity and tissue density changes which all help with optimized treatments. She presents on her findings and treatment protocols in conferences around the country and globe. Also pictured on the left is Medical Assistant Chloe Gianatasio.

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