Transdermal Analysis Patches

The FibroTx TAP 

The FibroTx TAP (Transdermal Analysis Patch) is:


  • a non-invasive molecular diagnostic test that allows multiplex analysis of biomarkers directly and practically from the skin surface

  • a skin-ELISA test that allows measurements of cytokines, growth-factors and anti-microbial peptides to control the condition of skin

  • a non-invasive technology which combined with the robustness of results and extreme ease of use allow unique possibilities in skin R&D studies e.g. for biomarker research or product development purposes in skin care and clinical dermatology


FibroTx TAP Benefits:


  • Simultaneous measurement of 4 or 6 biomarkers from the skin surface – qualitative and quantitative read-out

  • Fully adaptable to specific research needs – short development time

  • Highly sensitive – highly reproducible

  • Does not affect skin – allows measurements in short intervals

  • Easy to work with at study sites – minimal failure margin (<1%)

  • No burden for study volunteers – no effect on volunteer recruitment


The FibroTx TAP is a full-service package including design and production of the test as well as centralized analysis of used tests in the FibroTx state-of-the-art laboratory and reporting.

The FibroTx TAP