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DermoScan X2 body mapping

The DermoScan X2 is a standardized and automated full-body documentation system that produces a complete full-body status report in a few seconds with just four clicks.


  • Simple and intuitive touch screen operation

  • Quick and reliable digital photography with fixed position cameras

  • Automated visualization of new or changed nevi

  • Time saving procedure

A comprehensive preventative approach to skin cancer requires regular monitoring of the entire skin area. Changes in existing pigmentation marks or the appearance of new ones are important indicators for the early diagnosis of melanoma.

Traditional and regular monitoring of the skin is difficult and time consuming, especially with multiple existing melanocytic lesions. Changes in size, shape and color of existing or newly emergent lesions often cannot be diagnosed and recorded reliably without technical tools.

The DermoScan X2 is a complete system for identifying newly emergent pigmentation marks and diagnosing changes in existing lesions, using digital full-body photo-documentation in an easy and routine way as part of the clinic workflow. The X2 system has two high-resolution, fixed-position digital cameras that do not need readjustment between photographs or patients.

By comparing new clinical photographs with previous examination photographs, the X2 status report helps with a diagnosis as it automatically shows if and where new nevi have appeared since the last examination. Every new or changed nevus is marked in color and depicted in an enlarged photograph. The operation of the device is simple, intuitive and fast.

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