We cooperate closely with our partners while making their quality products available to the North American market.

  • 3D skin imaging solutions from Eotech SAS in France are used widely within the personal care and aesthetics markets. These 3D systems offer high resolution and unparalleled accuracy for skin research and product development applications.

  • The VivoSight OCT skin imaging systems from Michelson Diagnostics Ltd in the UK have proven effective for research and development work with benefits for universities and hospitals as well as companies in the personal care, pharmaceutical, skin research, wound care and veterinary industries and beyond. In clinical use the VivoSight is extremely helpful in assisting with non-melanoma skin cancer imaging and personalizing and optimizing laser treatments.

  • The ergonomically designed, user friendly and precise clinical imaging products from DermoScan GmbH in Germany help dermatologists and scientists view lesions and skin conditions in detail and manage their workflow efficiently and with diagnostic accuracy.

  • The Dermo collagen and dermal water measurement device from Varenne Technologies in France is a novel device to assist in personal care claims validation and in-house R&D work.

  • Transdermal Analysis Patches from FibroTx OÜ in Estonia, used in clinical dermatology studies, allow sensitive and reproducible biomarker measurements from the skin surface non-invasively and practically.

  • The Antera from Miravex Ltd in Ireland is a cutting edge device using multispectral imaging for digital skin analysis by skincare professionals.

At Mondray Technologies, we are committed and proud to offer these world-leading products to the North American skin research and clinical imaging markets and are here to help and support you in achieving your clinical treatment or research goals, whether they are academic or for gathering data and images for enhanced patient treatments and communication or for regulatory and claims substantiation purposes. Our experience in working with the North American skin care and skin research market goes back to 2004.