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Remote and At Home Skin Evaluation Studies

Remote and At Home skin evaluation studies are now easy to accomplish using this complete and intuitive solution from Connected Physics.

The system connects a software platform with a mobile application and BLE connected skin evaluation probes or cameras. This novel and specifically designed solution helps design and follow studies and collect and analyze data remotely in a simple and reliable way.

The many benefits of incorporating Remote and At Home features to clinical trials include:

  • maximizing recruitment

  • being free from location constraints

  • getting measurements outside of office hours

  • getting data in real life conditions

  • keeping track of studies in real time

  • conducting long-term studies

The core of the solution is the CosmOS, a cloud-based platform that allows evaluators to easily plan and collect data from clinical trials, whether performed in the lab or at home. Define the study schedule, plan stages with questions and measurement tasks for volunteers to answer and to perform with the devices we provide to you.

With the Echo mobile app volunteers can easily and effectively participate in studies with their iOS or Android smartphones. Use the app for secure communication with volunteers and for real time collection and transfer of measurement data acquired by connected devices at the volunteers' locations.

The Touch is a precise and reliable probe for measuring three established physiological skin parameters:

  • hydration with electrical conductance measurement

  • elasticity with the measurement of skin deformation by means of suction

  • TEWL measured with a humidity sensor in a closed chamber

The battery-operated and fully portable Touch is connected to the Echo app by Bluetooth. With one button operation and use instructions through the app, it is an easy and quick device to use.

Full-face high resolution photos can be taken with the Pixel camera in cross-polarized, parallel and non-polarized light. The Pixel is also connected to the Echo app by Bluetooth and is compact and portable with 6000K light sources that have a high color-rendering index (CRI) to reproduce skin color nuances in fine detail.




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