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Portable Skin Testing

Pixience C-Cube.jpg

The C-Cube from Pixience is a comprehensive, professional and accurate system for maximizing the efficiency of your clinical studies.

Designed for cosmetic and personal care manufacturers, CROs and laboratories, the C-Cube is the ideal measurement device to conduct skin evaluation, efficacy and safety studies for product claims and marketing purposes.

This single device enables 2D assessments of skin parameters such as color, surface texture, pigmentation, erythema and ITA as well as 3D measurements such as roughness, depth, symmetry and distribution of the texture over the skin.

The C-Cube Clinical Research system is a great deal more than just a colorimeter. It is based on the use of an ultra-HD camera, patented LED lighting and exclusive colorimetric, geometric and 3D calibration to ensure the precision and reproducibility of measurements.

In addition to in vivo measurements, the C-Cube together with its sample reader performs measurements also on ex vivo and in vitro samples, such as silicone impressions, D-Squame patches, explants and skin substitutes.

The C-Cube Clinical Research system has many benefits to the user:

  • Cost-effectiveness through versatility

  • One device, many measured parameters

  • Ease-of-use and mobility

  • Minimal training required

  • Precision and reproducibility of measurements

  • Intuitive software designed for clinical studies

  • Optional Pixience Cloud anlaysis service


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