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Choose a 3D scanner that fits your needs best. All scanners can be mounted on the positioning benches and all data acquisition and analysis run with the same software.


The new DermaTOP-HE combines stereometry and fringe projection measurement techniques for high-resolution images, improved accuracy and stability and minimal sensitivity to movement and ambient light.

Different field-of-views allow imaging of both small areas with very high resolution or a more general view with a multizone approach of the face.


The AEVA-HE system with fringe projection and stereo imaging techniques offers great performance combined with flexibility to address different study areas from wrinkle reduction to body reshaping. It is used to quantify efficacy assessments for cosmetics, esthetical and dermatological products and treatments.


The EvaSKIN is a cost-effective and easy to use turnkey solution to evaluate skin topography. It uses 3D digital technology based on patented Active Stereometry. This compact instrument that comes in both black & white and color versions produces highly reproducible facial measurements of panelists when used with the VisioTOP-300 positioning bench.


The EvaTHERM analyzes the thermal distribution and its changes on the skin with non-con­tact infrared measurements. It is used to track specific areas and hot and cold spots and to provide statistical deviation and profiles as well as many other characteristics to help evaluate the efficacy of skin products and treatments.

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