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Tissue Viability Imaging Applications


User organizations include:


  • Personal care and Cosmetics companies

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Universities and Research Laboratories

  • Contract Research Organizations and Testing Labs

  • Dermatological and Occupational Health Research


Application areas for investigation and quantification include:


  • Skin microcirculation, red blood cell count, color, erythema, blanching

  • Skin irritation, scaling, patch testing

  • Automatic spot analysis

  • Wrinkle depth assessment

  • Skin pigmentation and cellulite mapping

  • Capillary refilling

  • Sweat glands

  • Nevus, wound and stubble analysis

List of references - link to manufacturer's website

The TiVi700 is a research instrument and no therapeutic or diagnostic claims are made for it. The primary intended use is assessment of safety and efficacy of skincare, pharmaceutical and similar products.

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