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Unlock a new era of possibilities in skin research with Mondray Technologies.

We provide high quality instrumentation to serve skin research needs such as the measurement, quantification, and imaging of skin. We are dedicated to offering products and services designed to provide the highest level of accuracy and reliability, ensuring the best results and insights for your studies.


High End Optical Imaging

  • 3D Skin Imaging

  • Surface Measurements

  • Thermal Imaging

Portable Skin Testing

  • Color and Pigmentation

  • Surface Roughness

  • Dryness and Desquamation

Remote and At Home

Skin Evaluation

  • Centralized Study Design and Data Analysis

  • Remote Data Acquisition

Sensory Evaluation Studies

  • Power of EEG and Brain Neuromarkers

  • Capture of Emotional and Cognitive Impact

Hair Growth Measurements

  • Computerized TrichoScan Hair Analysis from HD Images

Tissue Viability Imaging

  • Skin microcirculation and irritation quantification

About us

We are a family-owned business that has proudly served the North American skin research community since 2004. We represent some of the finest skin imaging and measurement instrumentation available and are committed to expanding our portfolio by discovering and offering new and innovative products that help scientists and researchers work more efficiently with accurate and reliable data-based study outcomes. Our products are well recognized and established in the market, having been used in numerous scientific publications.

Our products are utilized by a wide range of user organizations, including universities, hospitals, private clinics, contract research organizations and companies in the wound care, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care industries. Our products have become essential resources for all these organizations, helping them to conduct their research with ease and accuracy.

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